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eBook Head First JavaScript Programming Pdf

Head First JavaScript Programming là cuốn sách tái bản 2014 của tác giả OReilly.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A quick dip into JavaScript: Getting your feet wet
Chapter 2. Writing real code: Going further
Chapter 3. Introducing functions: Getting functional
Chapter 4. Putting some order in your data: Arrays
Chapter 5. Understanding objects: A trip to Objectville
Chapter 6. Interacting with your web page: Getting to know the DOM
Chapter 7. Types, equality, conversion, and all that jazz: Serious types
Chapter 8. Bringing it all together: Building an app
Chapter 9. Asynchronous coding: Handling events
Chapter 10. First-class functions: Liberated functions
Chapter 11. Anonymous functions, scope, and closures: Serious functions
Chapter 12. Advanced object construction: Creating objects
Chapter 13. Using prototypes: Extra-strength objects

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